Puuvilla is located in the Isosanta district of Pori on the banks of the River Kokemäenjoki. The area comprises several buildings, and the most important of these are the imposing old spinning mill building and the head office.

Puuvilla has become the biggest business, education and leisure centre in the Satakunta region. The area still has plenty of unused building rights, and a major part of these is reserved for the shopping centre project being developed jointly by Renor, Ilmarinen and Skanska. Through the shopping centre project it is planned to turn the Puuvilla area into a city district centre that forms a unique complex: it will provide public services, education services, business activities and offices, as well as a new style shopping centre that will combine brick walls with the patina of time and modern solutions in a unique way.

Renor has put much effort into developing an alternative energy solution for the shopping centre. This solution utilizing geothermal energy is a key element in the environmental efficiency of the site, and it will reduce the carbon footprint and energy costs.

Lear more about the shopping centre in the following link:
(only in Finnish) www.kauppakeskuspuuvilla.fi

Key figures 31 Dec 2015

Puuvilla Business Park
Office, production and warehouse premises 28,000 m2
Number of leases 84
Occupancy rate 86%

Shopping Centre Puuvilla
Leasable premises 42,000 m2
Stores 64
Occupancy rate 91%

Puuvilla block in total
Leasable premises 70,000 m2
Unused building rights ca. 69,000 m2
Parking spaces 2,000

Local history

Gustav Efraim Ramberg established the Porin Puuvillatehdas (Pori cotton mill) in 1898. The old spinning mill, the weaving mill, and the head office and residential buildings built in the 1930s are of cultural and historical importance. Finlayson acquired Porin Puuvilla in 1973. Asko Group became the owner of Finlayson in the 1980s, and later Renor Oy became owner of the property. Finlayson’s factory operations ended in 1994. A major step in the development of the area was when the University Consortium of Pori moved into the property in 1999.

Lease contact

Päivi Korpela
Commercial consultant
+358 50 3446 734

Juha Veistonen
Director, Real Estate Business
+358 44 970 6068

Visiting address

Siltapuistokatu 14
FI-28100 PORI

VAT FI23435282